The Binding Factor, Museum Kranenburgh 2023/2024
Cuny Janssen has travelled the world to photograph children within their natural settings. However, in the last decade, she has chosen surroundings closer to home. In The Binding Factor Janssen presents timeless and informal portraits of children alongside grownups and adults relatives. These photographs are captured in her own living environment, employing a 4x5-inch camera. Through these images, she explores her fascination with contemporary family structures. In doing so, she asks: what is the true essence of human connections?
Contemporary families and households are often composite and extended, encompassing varied ethnicities, religions, and ‘rainbow families’. However, the traditional roles and functions remain and include fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents, and friends. Through her portraits, Cuny Janssen captures these diverse bonds. While her images might challenge viewers in deciphering intricate familial ties, she offers a familiar and humane portrayal of modern families. The emphasis is on each person’s dignity, characterised by their distinct personalities and perspectives.
Cuny Janssen also applies this perceptive to landscapes, viewing them as a type of portraiture. Like humans, nature’s appearance is shaped by benevolent and harsh conditions. Janssen states, “I perpetually seek harmony and positivity, be it in humanity or nature – the power of life.”
PUBLICATION by andriesse eyck publications, 2023
Nederlandstalig, gesigneerd, incl. verzendkosten
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